is because of the volume of emails that women receive. This is coupled with the fact that only paid members can respond to emails. I have had face to face dates with 6 people I have met on Match over the past 4 years, only one of which got past to a second date, which eventually ended a few months later. I believe that the basic problem with as well as all online dating is that AdultFri I would instantly get like 10 emails and flirts. When I would read them they would say damn near the same thing and some of them would say the same thing, but from different girls. When I finally got to talking to some one on yahoo messenger she was telling me that she was from here. I asked her where at and she gave me a name of a place on the east end. So I started to name off some places AdultFri I am very, very attractive woman, supermodel type. I get men staring at me all day long but few approaching. See, the problem with and other websites is that they are fundamentally lopsided. Most good looking men, secure, no baggage, having a sense of reality, don’t opt for dating websites. They go out and meet their girls in the flesh! Men who have a grocery list of wants, hoop AdultFri a penny of your money. The owner deserves to be behind bars, or worse. No website will ever be any good overall until personal screening of EVERY applicant is made, and only those meeting certain criteria are allowed to join, and the people correctly classified. As it now exists, the whole game is about separating losers and gullible people from their money. Really honest people DO NOT run AdultFri