AdultFrenFinder for a few years. I browse the profiles and have emailed many women, but I get very few responses in return. Match added a feature that lets you see when people read your emails (its for an additional monthly fee), and it shows that many people are not subscribers and do not even open your email. Of those that do, they do not have the courtesy to respond to you. I am guessing this AdultFrenFinder Is the biggest scam. But I have to admit that its a good one, some ones getting rich off of it. When I signed up for the gold membership I thought that I would be able to do all kinds of things. Shortly after I realized that I was wrong. I could even send flirts to girls. It seemed that I had to upgrade to everything. Which I did not. Then I started to realize things. When I would sign on AdultFrenFinder Out to lure you and your friends into joining. Ladies & Gentlemen, don’t fall for it! Reviewed By Zuleika Arkadie Los Angeles Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 02, 2005 permalink Visit Easy come, easy go. That’s what the women have to remember when using any on-line dating service. I started using these services roughly 3 years ago. I stopped about a year and half into the process. AdultFrenFinder as hell wasn’t Friend Finder. It was the old Matchmaker, which does not exist anymore after Lycos bought it and modeled it more after Friend Finder as a way of separating desperate loser males from their money. I am glad to see that Lycos has crashed and burned, which they deserve after screwing up the best online dating site that ever existed in America. Do not give any Friend Finder site AdultFrenFinder