other girls and see how it goes. But i wanted to know more about how it works, and my main question was this: would she get my email?? Yes, if she were a subscriber, and no otherwise- not even a peep!! Thats just plain silly. It’s a huge ripoff for those who actually pay and think they’re going to get responses, when actually the recipients dont even get to read the messages!! It makes no AdultFr on that site posing as women. These spammers are trying to get you to another porn or dating site. Most of the profiles on the site are inactive and forgotton. Pretty much every woman on there is Bisexual or Bicurious. There are more real women on there that are looking for another lezbo rather than a guy. There’s a ton of guys on there who are in the closet. They claim they’re looking for AdultFr their ad, offer up a photo so as not to hide behind a simple description, and most of all, limit my responses to those who i truly think i’d be interested in AND those whose ads suggest they’re looking for someone like me. Out of that, i’ve gotten maybe 10 return replies (if that) and met only 2 or 3 people. So why the rotten luck? I must be butt ugly, you say? To that i’ll say i’ve not AdultFr services that work are the foreign agencies where men pay per woman to date them. Those agencies attract the best women in the area, and throw out any that are below their standards, as these agencies work off of customer referrals. You can go online to websites that teach you how to date foreign women, and I’m here to tell you that they blow away the feminazi psycho bitches that are typical AdultFr