to favorite them again only to be notified that they are already one of your favorites. As others have mentioned the male to female ratio is skewed heavily in the females favor. I think this makes it very addicting for females, why should they settle for a guy, when a better one is just around the corner? It’s a lot of hard work for men, writing many emails and getting so few responses. AdultFinfer i find that the preveliges of free members have been clipped a lot .. i am lil skeptical about buying membership, coz as per the reports sighted by me, the scoring rate in india (mumbai) is very poor. so guys if any one of u have been lucky .. plz raise my hopes. n u ladies if u reading this mail .plz check me out on my id Handsyshippy , i am a young captain . ciao dear ave a nice day Reviewed AdultFinfer of mens’ social skills. I bluntly stated to these men, what a girl truely desires in a man. Some of the emails from men were thankful but some of the emails from men were extremely hostile. The men who were ctitical of the profile stated one constant idea: “I’m happy being a nice guy! If I learned to become good with women, I would become a player.” I’m sending the same message as Zuleika AdultFinfer slant on them. There are fake profiles to suck you in. The vast majority of profiles are male. The few females that exist are mainly old and inactive profiles. You will be royally screwed if you pay Freind Finder a dime. I sent them a 2-month Gold subscription once, and didn’t even last 2 weeks before I canceled my subscription. I was smart enough to pay with a postal money order, so they AdultFinfer