paying subscribers to email. Are they worried that I’ll find out only a small percentage of females are paying subscribers and can read and send emails? Why can’t there be a search criteria option for last activity date, so I can eliminate all the hits inactive over 3 weeks old? If I have made someone a favorite, why can’t the search results let me know this, instead of inadvertently trying AdultFindler taking care of the problem, but obviously don’t. Go AM or even CL. Probably full of fakes too, but cost a whole lot less. Reviewed By handsyshippy mumbai Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 18, 2011 permalink Visit Friend Finder hi frienz.. well .. i was a free member long back and then when nothing striked .. left AFF , now tried again to join back and revive ma old account , n to my dismay AdultFindler ignored by +75% of the men. From a statisctical standpoint, the “8” recieved 10 times more attention than the “6”. Rose, what you said about the level of shallowness on is accurate. The users on are destroying the site. I refuse to partake in online dating. After I quit the research on womens’ profiles, I worte a woman’s profile on, that was critical AdultFindler get results. While some could diss me for not posting a photo, at least I have not posted what would amount to DATE REPELLENT if the truth be told about most of the photos you see on JFF and any other site for that matter. Reviewed By Forget FF The Big Reality Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 28, 2007 permalink Visit JewishFriendFinder All FF sites are the same. They just put a different AdultFindler