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away? I wouldn’t advise anyone to online date but, if they must, I would tell them to be careful, take care of themselves, and not get their hopes up. Reviewed By Dennis Chicago, IL Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 05, 2006 permalink Visit I wish that candy-asses like “Mr. America” would offer REAL advice instead of tripe crap like “keep trying” and “be yourself” and all that other Adult Friebd Finder rest is up to me and the people I date. Though, a more accurate rating would probably be 3 stars as the numerous inactive profiles really are a waste of time. P.S..The three women I’ve made contact with seem to be far, far less like game players as compared to most of the women on match. In short, all 3 women emailed just few times back and forth and setting up a meeting in person for sometime Adult Friebd Finder the actual number of active members who can contact you to a very low level. If JDate could only post the recently active profiles that can actually contact you, it would not be worth fooling with from your viewpoint. ALL the paid websites have this problem. You will see profiles of people who haven’t been active in years. I’ve had enough experiences to stay away from online dating websites, Adult Friebd Finder person has put up, you have to subscribe. I read how you guys think that us girls all want rich guys….YUCK, no WAY I won’t even date a man who makes more than $35-40,000 a year and you know why? most of the time they’re super materialistic, egotistical or metrosexual. I am bombarded with emails from older men who make well into $150,000 and I could care less. I am looking for ab avarage Adult Friebd Finder