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will get back with you. Match, in my first ten days, has been a bit of a disappointment. 58 looks but about 15 replies and most of them being of the fake I.D. or Russian/Somalia model variety. Who are they kidding? I’ve sent out about ten replies and got two responses but both bugged out on me. Ah, the beauty othe internet. A lot of work and I’m kind of burned out from it all after a week Adult Frend Finder at a time and are forced (for lack of a better phrase) to review their profile to see if you’d be interested in them on some level. Through this though, basically people give one another a better chance at getting to know one another. That’s a good thing in my opinion. It’s not just an automatic rejection because you don’t match up to the hundreds of other people contacting the person you Adult Frend Finder Male Rating ***** Date June 04, 2007 permalink Visit JDate Online dating is practically useless if you are over 30 or so. You’re dealing with divorced people with lots of baggage, or those so screwed up they can’t even get married and divorced in order to pick up the baggage. The really smart thing to do is study the websites and start your own dating website that is free to members. Charging Adult Frend Finder how-to tips you read on this site only work if you’re above decent looking. So if you’re a average Joe or Blue-collard Bill, you have NO place on Match. If a Blue-Collard Bill who belongs in Playgirl, posts a profile on Match; he will get the attention of gals, who aren’t comparable to himself. The comparable gals will accuse Blue-Collard Bill of being a player if he’s good-looking. BTW, Adult Frend Finder