Ok, we all know how important it is that we’re able to see recent photos in profiles. Unfortunately, even with photos, it can be a “crapshoot” as to what you’re really getting. *1. All Glamour: Yes, the ones that have nothing but glamour shots or pictures straight out of a photoshoot. A load of bollocks to be honest, and I would steer clear of them for reasons that should be obvious. *2. AdulFriendFinder at all. This they refuse to acknowledge. I’m only just into the first month of a six-month membership and they refuse to refund me any of what I’ve paid even though I’ve stopped visiting. When I followed up by repeating my request to cancel and receive a refund, they informed me that they resigned me and that I can continue to participate until my six months is up. How is that possible that AdulFriendFinder York), there are plenty of events to attend that seem to mostly be populated with older people. If you live somewhere like Tennessee, where there are extremely few Jews, you might try JDate, but are not likely to meet anyone that lives close-ish to you. JDate seems to be a good fit for people who are over thirty and live in an area that has plenty of Jewish mates to choose from (the coasts, AdulFriendFinder have a pic up or were overweight. The few that were attractive, I would send a note to just to say hi. My response rate? close to zero. So this past weekend my subscription was up. I decided not to subscribe, but I was going to keep my profile active, but remove my pic. No one had looked at my profile for the last week of my subscription, but strangely, on the day before my last day, I received AdulFriendFinder