Who’s Who?: The ones who only post photos of themselves where they’re grouped with others(of the same gender, hair color, etc.) and you have no way of really knowing which one is them. If they’re too ashamed to make it obvious, chances are, its going to be the one that you wouldn’t find attractive. *3. Outdated/Inacurrate: Then you have the ones who post pictures that are 5+ years old or they resigned me but I can continue as before? If one is resigned, that’s it, resignation means no continuation as before. Have they now redefined the word resign to suit their purpose? Reviewed By Ravi Los Angeles, CA. Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 16, 2009 permalink Visit TO: Robert from Houston, Texas dated 1/3/ 2009 Your opinion is just that, opinion. All of us would Chicago, Florida to an extent). The site itself is okay. The fees are high-average, the setup is easy to navigate. So that’s what I have to say. I canceled my JDate membership and went over to Match, but if I was older, I’d probably have had more luck meeting someone I liked on JDate. Match is much better for the younger crowd. Reviewed By Steve V. Philly, PA Sex Male Rating ***** Date October a wink, again, from an overweight woman that I had nothing in common with. and the day my subscription ended, 5 people looked at my profile, and today I logged in, to find out that 10 more people, IN ONE DAY looked at my profile. Funny, isn’t it? A week before my subscription ends, no one looks at my profile. The day after my subscription ends, 15 people have supposedly looked at it. I guess