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attractive. Lose the weight and I assure you that you will do better with men. Alot of guys seek out fat women because they believe it will be a easy score for them. Alot of times that is true because the fat girl is starving for the attention from men. If they lose the weight the girl can then be a bit more choosey on who she wants to date. Reviewed By truth serum Terra is my nation Sex Adu tFriendFinder than I did on match or other sites. They are all fairly good looking and most are similar to me in education and age. I have set up 3 dates within the first 2 weeks of being on the site. I actually like the communicational stages because the questions you can choose from are kind of fun icebreakers and make first contact less boring than the typical “where are you from, etc.” email that Adu tFriendFinder and events where nice women may actually be present – volunteer, go on trips, museum outings, hiking, etc. You will improve your chances tremendously over Jdate. Reviewed By AnotherPhillyJDater Philadelphia Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 11, 2008 permalink Visit JDate I’m a young (early 20’s) grad student in a large east coast city (not NY, but 4-5 million plus) who decided to bite Adu tFriendFinder men who were likeable but not compatible, several compatible but not compatible enough, and I found a man who suits me very well. I liked the fact that I could limit contact to email for as long as I felt necessary; that I could hide my profile if someone was annoying; that I had a lot of control over who I met and when. The process was overall enjoyable; I met people as soon as I was ready Adu tFriendFinder