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with kids ? If possible try to meet the kids and observe their behavior. That will give you an idea of what the guy is like. Kids are a reflection of thier parents. Serum was 100% correct about weight. Once a guy sees “BBW” he is clicking for the next profile.Putting the word “Beautiful” in Big Beautiful Woman is just an illusion by these dating services to make fat women think they are Adu t Friend Finder years without his knowledge. Ended up being pretty embarassing. I so wish I hadn’t gotten involved with this. Reviewed By lagirl Los Angeles Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 17, 2009 permalink Visit I have to say, I actually really like this site. It is better than many I’ve tried (match, okcupid, fastcupid). I am contacted by men who are appropriate for me much more often Adu t Friend Finder have no idea what the word “relationship” means, and are basically as undateable as it gets. I have met some of these a-holes in person at various Jewish events only to confirm their level in society – in the gutter. VERY FEW WOMEN on jdate are nice – maybe 5%, and that’s a stretch. Guys, if you want to meet nice women, don’t waste your time and money on jdate. Participate in activities Adu t Friend Finder of the “perfect” mate (who of course, doesn’t exist). Reviewed By jsg OKC Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 08, 2005 permalink Visit I’m 48, and I think this format works well for my age group. Despite the fact that I’m pretty ordinary looking, and, well, “fluffy”, I posted a picture and received quite a few replies. I had very good luck with Match. I found a few toads, several Adu t Friend Finder