By Mike Alexandria, VA Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 29, 2008 permalink Visit Match.com I’ve been using Match.com on/off for about 3-4 years with varying degrees of success. My first experience with a woman came about when she contacted me first. We got along well emailing each other for a while until her “broken ankle” healed and a few days before our first date, I got unhinged and aAdultFriendFinder someone really good-looking and interesting who then turns out to not be active or perhaps not even real. I signed up one time for a free trial, and what do you know, I was matched with this too-good-to-be-true guy named “Jorge” who, get this, said he was “interested” in me. He had a good job and wasn’t too old or too far away from me … I was suspicious–not because such guys don’t exist–but aAdultFriendFinder I am presently waiting for my month to expire and then I will cancel. I have been disappointed with the matches they think I might be interested in. They tend to ignore my profile and I think this is to show some potential generation of interest in me. It’s phony. I have consciously picked photos of myself that show activity and youthfulness, but I don’t get that in return. It’s very frustrating aAdultFriendFinder use IM lingo like, “Hey, we have a lot in common, LOL. How r u today?” 3) Don’t Wink or Write Women You Have Nothing In Common With, or Women With Conflicting Attributes: Classic case: construction worker making 20K a year writes CPA who specifically states that she wants her date to make at least 75K. Construction worker writes her anyway and doesn’t understand why she replies “no thanks” aAdultFriendFinder